Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Didn't Forget About Fashion!

While my "comfortable" attire days seem to outnumber my "fashionable" attire days lately, I still try to be on the lookout for cute maternity clothes.  There aren't a ton of maternity stores to shop at, so I tend to branch out and find clothes that aren't maternity, but will still work for a girl with a growing tummy.  I stopped by Kohl's the other day with the purpose of just picking up some yoga/wind pants to wear around the house.  I found these for $18:

They're super comfy and long enough for me, so I snagged two pairs.  I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of use out of them, especially as I get further along, and then right after baby comes.  On the way to the checkout, I passed by the Junior's section and some cute items caught my eye.  Some of the styles of tops tend to be really long these days, which works perfectly for a pregnant girl!  If I just shop for sizes a couple steps up from my normal one, I can usually find something that works.  As it starts to get colder, I know I'll want to be wearing something warm but low-maintenance.  Insert this adorable striped hooded tunic:

I loved the fit, and it was still long enough after accounting for a protruding belly.  At only $22 each, I figured I could justify a second one!

These all fall more into the comfortable category, though, so I searched around for something I could feel cute wearing.  I found this belted sweater for $30:

Just imagine the belt resting a little higher than the picture shows!  I'm not sure if it'll still be long enough to wear over thin leggings after first stretching over my belly, but it will definitely look good with jeans.  Yay for finding a few things that I'll actually feel good about putting on, even as that number on the scale keeps growing! 

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