Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Circle

Early last month, Meezy and I traveled to Amarillo for his brother's wedding.  I was a little more than 7 weeks along at that time.  During the reception, a nice song came on, and Meezy danced with his mom.  It was a sweet moment in and of itself, but when I looked around the rest of the dance floor, I also saw one of his sisters (who was about 33 weeks pregnant), swaying back and forth with her 16 month old son in her arms.  Another sister, just a few steps away, was tending to her two kiddos who wanted some cake.  I experienced such a crazy rush of emotions and started crying.  It was such a profound and beautiful moment to me.  There I was, sitting with my baby inside me, barely 7 weeks along in his life.  Then there was my sister-in-law, so close to giving birth to her second child, also holding her first one, 16 months into his journey.  Then my other sister-in-law, with her 1st grader and 5th grader, with lots of years of practice under her belt.  Lastly, there was my mother-in-law, also dancing with her child, 29 years since becoming his mother.  We were all in such different places on our motherhood paths, but we were all on the same one nonetheless.  I'll never forget the feeling of that moment.         

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