Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Doggles

Okay, so vacations are super fun and my opinion is the more the merrier......except when it comes to dealing with the dogs! Our first vacation of the summer to Las Vegas in May was the beginning of the nightmare. My friend Tiffany was nice enough to watch Riley for us, while my parents agreed to keep Casey. Juneau is a large dog and is pretty needy, so we decided to board her instead of subjecting another family member or friend to her. Big mistake. I dropped her off at the vet on a Thursday night, and when we touched down in Vegas on Friday morning, there was already a voicemail on my phone saying we needed to come pick Juneau up. She was getting expelled from boarding because she couldn't seem to stay in her dog run. They had half-fences on all sides, but Juneau managed to climb over them. So I had to call my mom and ask her to leave work and drive 45 miles to get Juneau. Now she was stuck with dog-sitting her AND Casey for three days (in addition to their own dog). I thought this was the end of that weekend's dog-related fiascos, but I was wrong. Apparently when Casey is at my parents' house, she reverts back to her puppy days and can't remember how to control her bladder. So she peed in their house at least 3 or 4 times, even though she hasn't gone in our house in at least a year. To top it all off, my parents' dog Jake saw this as an act of insubordination and decided he needed to go pee on top of all of the spots where Casey had peed....for days to come. So my dog not only brought a bad habit to my parents' house, but also spread it to their dog. Every few days my mom likes to call and remind me of this. This past weekend while we were out of town on vacation two, I asked my Aunt to come check on the dogs each day instead of having people dog-sit. She was more than happy to, and that was awesome since it saved us money. But, it rained on Saturday night, so Casey used the muddy ground as her opportunity to dig out. So she ran around our street on Sunday until my Aunt came over and realized she was out. She had to block off her escape hole and put the super-muddy Casey back into the backyard. We arrived home later to find her in her disastrous state and had to immediately put her in the bathtub. Now, on to vacation three. We're leaving this weekend and are hoping to get my Aunt to help us out again. She probably will, but we can't risk the chance that Casey will dig out again. So we're going to leave Riley and Juneau in the backyard and just board Casey. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! The vet won't board Casey unless she has an exam, is current on her shots, has tested negative for heartworm, and passes a temperament test. What does all that mean? I have to leave work for 2 hours, spend $160, and hear a bitchy comment from the vet's front desk lady about how they are open during lunch and that obviously is not her favorite thing in the world. What the hell lady? Does it look like I'm eating lunch right now either?? Uggghh! So Casey is good to go, and I'll be spending $22/day for them to keep her in a cage and walk her every now and then this weekend. And now for vacation four....we'll be in Cozumel for six days later this month, so I'm going to have to board all of them. I went ahead and got Riley current today as well (i.e. another $160) so that he'll be ready for boarding later this month. I had to call and find another vet that can handle Juneau. So two of our dogs will be at one vet, and Juneau will be at another. So let's see...$22/day x 3 dogs x 7 days (b/c they will be closed by the time we get back on the 6th day) = Ridiculous. We could essentially afford to take another vacation this summer, but instead we have to pay a ton for someone to watch our dogs. Oh well. It's still better than kids. hahahahhahaha!!! j/k

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